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Flood Review 2024
20 May 2024

Flood Review for Nottinghamshire

Electoral Review of Bassetlaw
30 March 2024

Parish Council 'DROP IN' 11th April 2024

 Electoral Review of Bassetlaw       <Notice>

Church Lighting for Winter
31 October 2023

The church has been lit up for the winter period, thanks to the donors who came forward to cover the cost of electricity for the project.

Lighting removed on 28th February, thanks again to the donors who sponsor the event.

Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries Review
08 November 2022

Constituency Boundaries Review

Constituency boundaries are changing and it's your final chance to help shape the new map


Send in your views before the closing date of 5th December to have your say on new parliamentary constituency boundaries 


Additional Information:  Boundary Commission Partner Toolkit:


Have your say:   Consultation website:

Community Speed Watch
06 June 2022

Community Speed Watch

For members of the public to train to participate in the Speed Watch Campaign 

Bassetlaw Local Plan
20 May 2022

For access to the Bassetlaw Local Plan 

  • Please select News from the top listing

  • Village Reports (from the drop-down list)

  • Bassetlaw Local Plan  (may be selected from the search list)

  • Of the two files listed, one has the link to the Bassetlaw web-site

Ann Robinson Trust
26 January 2022

Anne Robinson Trust - Helpline

There for anyone to talk to and gain support when dealing with relatives or friends near end of life or in crisis. 

Planning Application
29 December 2021

Revised Planning Application for Dwellings on land South of BlueBell Inn

Parish Council Meetings
08 November 2021

Participation of the Public attending Council Meetings

Bassetlaw Freegle
10 July 2021

Link to website:

Bassetlaw Freegle is a site set up to offer to other residents, items which they would normally send to recycling centres, for re-use for FREE.

Freegle is a site synonymous with re-use. The reason behind Bassetlaw wanting to promote this is that, within the Waste Hierarchy, Re-use is the best way to dispose of any unwanted items.

Freegle is, as the name suggests, free to use and anything that is posted on it is Free, so it is cheaper than having to find a “man in a van” to come and collect and dispose of any unwanted item and also knowing that the item collected is not going to be fly-tipped.

All residents need to do is register with Freegle and put up any items that they want to dispose of. If anybody wants that particular item, they contact the “disposer” via the web-site and if the “disposer” is happy for the item to go, then the “disposer” and the person who wants the item agree a time of collection – Simple.

Please note, everything put on the web-site must be legal and free

    Advertising of animals is strictly prohibited.

How East Drayton Works
11 May 2021

  How East Drayton Works:

There is more to the village of East Drayton than you may realise, so here’s a fact sheet!


The official Parish Council website for East Drayton in Nottinghamshire. This site provides information and guidance for visitors to East Drayton and parishioners of the village”. Your “go to” site for everything to do with the village,    (Check the village notice-board if you do not use the internet).


The Parish Council consists of 7 elected (every 4 years) or co-opted councillors and the Clerk. The Chairman and V-C are elected annually by the councillors.   It usually meets on the third Tuesday every other month at 7pm in the Village Hall (or by Zoom during the pandemic).   Any resident may attend the meetings .    The agenda and minutes are always posted on the village notice board and on the village website (see below).  The term “Parish” refers to a geographical area (as in Town Council etc.), the Parish Council is not connected to the church. The Parish Council’s mission is to “encourage and promote the best social and environmental practices for the village by managing services, assets and the resources of the Parish Council for the benefit of the local community”.

“FACTOID” – The Parish Council have 3 assets – the phone box - bought for the princely sum of £1 from BT in 2008 (housing the defibrillator and a book exchange), a mower and a “super strimmer” for the maintenance of roadside verges by volunteers.


There has been a church on this site since the 12th century and it still remains the focal point of the village.  The current vicar is the Rev. Canon Bronwen Gamble and the church is in the wider benefice of “The Rivers, Retford”.  The churchyard is kept neat and tidy by volunteers.  To join this team and offer a couple of hours just once a year contact Janet on 248613 or email

“FACTOID”– There are a leper window, a green man and some cheeses in the church.   Can you find them?


This was installed in 1898 at a cost of £1200 raised by the villagers and converted to electric winding in 2000.   It is cared for by volunteers (with annual professional maintenance charges of about £250) and supported by the Parish Clock Fund.

“FACTOID” – the clock belongs to the village, not the church!


This is neither owned nor run by the Parish Council.  Run by a “Village Hall Committee” it is in the care of Trustees (registered charity) on behalf of the village.  To get involved or organise events, contact Sarah on 07932 711136. Any bright ideas welcome!   Activities in the village hall have included Dance Fitness, Kick Boxing and French Conversation.   To book the hall, contact Janet Goddard (248613) or Elaine Hempsall (01777 248254 or by email   The VH is on Instagram and Facebook “East Drayton Village Hall”.

“FACTOID” – Originally the Village School built in 1852 and closed in 1966. It became the Village Hall in 1974.


Founded in 1990 and now sited on Mill Lane there is a cricket team (always looking for new players and supporters) – go to the village website for details and links.


“East Drayton Educational Charity” and the “Constable Charity” – see website for details.

VILLAGE UPDATE – published quarterly with village news and more.

FACEBOOK:  There are 2 more Facebook sites, privately run by individual residents. “East Drayton Voice” and “East Drayton Community Voice”.

BLUE BELL INN – open under new management.   Welcome to Darren and Lisa. 01777 249469

“FACTOID” – this is a thriving village with more to offer.   Watch this space

                                                    Information correct as at MAY 2021 (updated from Aug.2019) 

Local Plan
21 March 2021

East Drayton Village Survey - (Neighbourhood Plan Consultation)

Active dates:  March 21st 2022 to April 4th 2022

Rampton Siren / Severe Weather Pack
01 December 2020


01777 247208 ,

Sirens are installed in the villages around Rampton High Security Hospital

On the 1st Friday of each month the sirens are tested and the sounds will be the same as when an emergency condition exists. 

  1. Intermittent Siren - On initiation of an escape 
  2. Long Single Siren - sounding ‘All Clear’ patient returned to custody

Flood Resilience Package Container

Winter Service supplies:    5 x 25kg bagged salt
Flood Assistance:    80 x 15kg sandbags 

The package container is sited at the rear of the Blue Bell Inn
 [Contact key holders for access to container equipment in an Emergency]

  • Neil Stanley: Low Street:    01777 248059 
  • Ray Small: Church Lane:    01777 248245
  • Jim Simpson: Low Street:   01777 248090 
  • Steve Ellis: Top Street:        01777 248095 
  • Landlord of Blue Bell Inn:  01777 249469