01777 247208 ,

Sirens are installed in the villages around Rampton High Security Hospital

On the 1st Friday of each month the sirens are tested and the sounds will be the same as when an emergency condition exists. 

  1. Intermittent Siren - On initiation of an escape 
  2. Long Single Siren - sounding ‘All Clear’ patient returned to custody

Flood Resilience Package Container

Winter Service supplies:    5 x 25kg bagged salt
Flood Assistance:    80 x 15kg sandbags 

The package container is sited at the rear of the Blue Bell Inn
 [Contact key holders for access to container equipment in an Emergency]

  • Neil Stanley: Low Street:    01777 248059 
  • Ray Small: Church Lane:    01777 248245
  • Jim Simpson: Low Street:   01777 248090 
  • Steve Ellis: Top Street:        01777 248095 
  • Landlord of Blue Bell Inn:  01777 249469

Notice Date: 01/12/2020