The North arcade is 14th Century early Decorated while the South arcade is 15th Century Perpendicular. Having survived being in “an evil plight” in 15th Century, the chancel was restored by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1857. The nave and aisles were restored by public subscription in 1873. Features of historical interest are: a complete mediaeval exterior almost entirely in Perpendicular style but with some work in the Decorated style and embattled everywhere a pinnacled porch with stone arches like a timber wagon-roof, carvings of human heads and animals the fine 15th Century wooden screen which is canopied, vaulted and decorated with lively tracery a 14th Century floor slab with stylised cross replica of a 14th Century gradual ‘cake rings’ (cheeses) celebrating weddings on the interior of the bell ringing chamber walls, 1769 -1865 East Drayton is in the Bassetlaw Hundred, South Clay Division

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning is a form of urban planning through which professional urban planners and communities seek to shape new and existing neighbourhoods.  It can denote the process of creating a physical neighbourhood plan, for example via participatory planning, or an ongoing process through which neighbourhood affairs are decided.

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