The Carved Signs on a post next to the Church Yard depict the history of the village of East Drayton

The West facing side of the carving represents the following:

  • Combine Harvester is for modern farming
  • The cricket pitch and rollers are for sport in the village
  • the tree and wall for the church and grounds along with the crossed keys
  • The bridge to represent that all access to the village is via bridges crossing waterways.

The East facing side of the carving represents the following:

  • The hand/horse plough for ancient farming.
  • The Bell for the Blue Bell Inn and the Anvil because there was a Smithy there.
  • The Dividers and Square and church spire to represent Nicholas Hawkmoor's historical presence in the locality.
  • Crossed Keys for the church.

[The sign originally faced to North and South but was changed when support post was renewed and to give better visibility at the road junction for tractor drivers]