Parish Clock

The clock with faces positioned to the South and East of the church tower was bought by donation from villagers as a memorial to celebrate the jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1898.

Permission to have it installed in the church tower was given subject to East Drayton residents being responsible for maintenance of the clock. The clock is owned by the village and not the church and general maintenance is supported by the Parish Council with grants to the clock fund.

When first installed, the clock was wound by hand approximately once per week. Records exist from 1972 of this activity along with acommentary of the repairs and adjustments made over time.

Maintenance of the clock by villagers who also wound the clock continued until 2001 when grants were obtained to overhaul the mechanism and motorise the winding operation. This cost around £2879 but removed the requirement to hand wind the clock.

The latest failure occurred in August 2019, when the south face drive seized. With donations from villagers the clock was finally repaired, overhauled and faces painted in August 2020 at a cost of £10,365.00

Future maintenance will be covered by a yearly maintenance contract with the contractors who repaired the clock this time.