Bassetlaw Freegle



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Bassetlaw Freegle is a site set up to offer to other residents, items which they would normally send to recycling centres, for re-use for FREE.

Freegle is a site synonymous with re-use. The reason behind Bassetlaw wanting to promote this is that, within the Waste Hierarchy, Re-use is the best way to dispose of any unwanted items.

Freegle is, as the name suggests, free to use and anything that is posted on it is Free, so it is cheaper than having to find a “man in a van” to come and collect and dispose of any unwanted item and also knowing that the item collected is not going to be fly-tipped.

All residents need to do is register with Freegle and put up any items that they want to dispose of. If anybody wants that particular item, they contact the “disposer” via the web-site and if the “disposer” is happy for the item to go, then the “disposer” and the person who wants the item agree a time of collection – Simple.

Please note, everything put on the web-site must be legal and free.

Advertising of animals is strictly prohibited.